The Challenge is set to commence in April 2015, taking in 9 separate legs and 8 refuelling points in Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Singapore, Marina Islands, Hawaii, Mexico and the Virgin Islands, in total, 24,000 gruelling miles.

The Challenge route must comply with the rules of the UIM. (Union Internationale Motonautique) which state that “to make passage around the world, eastbound or westbound, a vessel must start from and return to the same point, must cross all meridians of longitude, and pass through the Suez and Panama canals.”

Each leg has been carefully planned to be well within the operational range of the boat, which is specified as 4000nm. The timing of the challenge will look to coincide with the best possible weather window, which will dictate the exact leaving date.

Leg Specific Detail

Launch Event in Southampton with pre-Challenge leg from Southampton to Gibraltar.

Leg 1 Gibraltar – Saudi Arabia / 2556nm / 6 days

Leg 2 Saudi Arabia – India / 2540nm / 6 days

Leg 3 India – Singapore / 1916 nm 4.5 days

Leg 4 Singapore – Saipan Mariana Islands / 2777nm / 6.5 days

Leg 5 Saipan Marina Islands – Hawaii / 3336 nm / 7 days

Leg 6 Hawaii – Mexico / 3225 nm / 7 Days

Leg 7 Mexico – Virgin Islands / 2558nm / 5.5 days

Leg 8 Virgin Islands – Gibraltar / 3308nm / 7 days

Finish Gibraltar.

Leg timings are approximate and the exact locations in each country will be added as planning progresses through 2014. A live boat tracker will be available on the website and through social media during the Challenge.